Core Values

At Wolverine, each employee strives to perform flawlessly at all times. The following are key areas that we focus on and steward performance:

  • Safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Measurement
  • Reliability
  • Ticketing and Accounting
  • Controls
  • Customer satisfaction

It is not coincidental that Safety is listed first. Safety is the most important area we stress with our employees and contractors. All employees are empowered and expected to take all actions necessary to ensure safe operations and activities.

Wolverine Pipe Line Company — Safety Credo

We, the management and employees of Wolverine, believe that while risks exists:

  • Accidents and injuries are preventable
  • Each of us has a personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of others both on and off the job
  • No business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety
  • Safe conduct of operations is a condition of employment at Wolverine
  • A job is well done only if it is done safely
  • Wolverine shall have the best safety performance in the pipeline industry