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Operating With Trust

An overview of Wolverine's safety program

Wolverine Pipe Line Company transports liquid petroleum products safely and efficiently from refineries and terminals in the Chicago area to terminals and other pipelines in northwest Indiana and Michigan.
It is our goal at Wolverine Pipe Line Company to act as a good neighbor in the local communities where our pipelines travel.  We are committed to do everything we can to limit any disruptions and inconvenience that may result from day to day operations, safely distributing our customers products while going above and beyond state and federal regulations. Please do your part to help ensure the protection of our natural environment and crucial energy infrastructure by calling 811 before you begin your springtime project.
 For additional information about 811 and to make the 811 Promise, please click on the buttons below.
    The Partners in Pipeline Education (PIPE) program is one of the community outreach efforts of Wolverine Pipe Line Company. The PIPE Program facilitates personal connections with local emergency officials, groups and organizations and prompts viable dialogue between us. Learn more about the PIPE Program...