President’s Message

For sixty years, Wolverine Pipe Line Company has been providing communities with the refined products they need to fuel their prosperity. Wolverine was incorporated in 1952 and the first pipeline was laid from Hammond, Indiana to Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio in 1953. Since then, Wolverine has expanded to meet the growing needs of our customers. Today, we operate 630 miles of pipeline in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan transporting approximately fourteen million gallons of products a day.

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are a neighbor, customer, contractor, or visitor, the website has something for everyone. Below are some highlights I hope you look into:

The strength of Wolverine is our employees. We have over seventy dedicated Wolverine employees that operate and maintain the pipeline. If you have additional questions or need information not provided on our website, please visit our Contact page. We will get in touch with you.

How pipelines operate is usually fascinating to people. The United States has approximately 165,000 miles of oil and refined product pipelines transporting fuels safely and efficiently each day. However, most folks don’t realize pipelines exist because they can’t see them and they don’t understand how important pipelines are to our economy. On the Resources page, there are links to some excellent industry resources that explain the inner workings of the pipeline business.

In the Community section we discuss many of the ways we ensure our pipelines operate with the highest integrity. From our integrity management program to one call advocacy to right-of-way maintenance to emergency response preparedness, we spend most of our time ensuring our operations keep our employees and the public safe and that we keep the product contained in the pipe.

For our current or prospective customers, our Customers section is where you will find our tariffs, scheduling information, manuals, and details on how to become a Wolverine shipper.

For our contractors, the Contractors section has news and information required to work for Wolverine.

Unlike most businesses that have facilities that are confined in a building or a fenced area, our pipelines cross three states and are buried in the ground and under roads, railroad tracks, and rivers. When the pipe was laid, it was mostly constructed away from structures, homes, and businesses, typically in the middle of fields and farm land. Over time, communities have built up to our pipeline, increasing the number of neighbors that we have the pleasure to be associated with. Community awareness and education is an important part of our outreach efforts. We strive to be a good neighbor everywhere we operate. Please visit our Partners in Pipeline Education (PIPE) Program page in the Community section for more information about our outreach efforts.

Again, thank you for visiting our website. All of us at Wolverine strive to do our jobs flawlessly each day. When we do this, we will stay safe, keep the public safe, protect the environment, keep the product in the pipe, provide reliable transportation services our customers’ desire, and be a good neighbor in the communities we operate.