Procurement of services and materials for Wolverine Pipe Line Company is guided by a system of continuously improving processes and procedures, which focus on safe operations and an optimal price delivering the best overall value to the Company and its shareholders.

Procurement Process Requirements

  • Wolverine Pipe Line Company maintains a Preferred Contractors List (PCL).
  • Wolverine employees submit requests for a prospective contractor/vendor to be screened for addition to the PCL if the contractor’s work is considered Medium – High risk.
  • Screening process includes Drug & Alcohol compliance and a Health & Safety Evaluation for Medium – High risk work.
  • Audits are performed to confirm compliance.
  • National Compliance Management Service (NCMS) provides Drug & Alcohol monitoring for Wolverine preferred contractors considered Medium-High risk.
  • ISN (ISNetworld) provides health and safety evaluations for contractors performing Medium – High risk work. A membership to ISN is required to be considered an approved contractor on Wolverine’s PCL.
  • Security Background Checks (SBC) are required if Wolverine determines the contractor performs security sensitive activities. SBCs are performed in accordance with Wolverine requirements & conducted by firms approved or accepted by Wolverine.
  • A Continuing Service Agreement may be established if the anticipated utilization of a contractor’s services is high and generally over a long term. A Field Work Order Agreement will be created directly by employees for less frequent, occasional needs. Other types of contracts are used in special situations.
  • Wolverine Pipe Line Company Terms & Conditions for Order of Goods and Services.