Wolverine Pipe Line Company: COVID-19 Response

At Wolverine Pipe Line Company (Wolverine), the health and public safety of our employees, stakeholders, and consumers is our first priority. Amid the continued concerns surrounding COVID-19, Wolverine continues to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as create a work environment that is as safe as possible. We are doing this while also recognizing that, as a critical infrastructure industry, we have a special responsibility to provide necessary services to protect the public. 

Wolverine is responsible for the transportation of gasoline and diesel fuel throughout the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. This includes maintaining the pipeline, excavating as necessary, and monitoring the pipeline system through our operations control center. We have not experienced or expect there to be changes or delays in our business operations. 

We take our job seriously and like many other companies, Wolverine Pipe Line Company is taking guidance from the CDC to ensure we are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes the following actions: 

  • Pre-Screen: Measure employee temperature and assess symptoms prior to start of work
  • Regular Monitoring: Employees complete “Are You Sick?” questionnaires upon arriving to work, self-monitor for symptoms, and report concerns to supervisors
  • Wear a Mask: Employees wear face masks when unable to maintain a proper social distance of 6ft outdoors and in enclosed spaces
  •  Social Distance: Employees maintain 6 feet and practice social distancing as work duties permit in the workplace.
  • Work from Home: Wolverine implemented a work from home policy for those who can perform work remotely.
  • Disinfect and Clean Work Spaces: Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in all common areas

We encourage everyone to join us in taking the necessary steps to protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors.

-Wolverine Pipe Line Company